Price per person (including adults and children)

if the options could be (night, day, hour, person, unit,)


  • Has anyone found a way to be able to increase the cost by person? I have added A Parameter for number of adults, and another for number of children (as we charge less) but cannot get it to actually increase the overall cost of the room.

    At present I am running it with a base cost of 2 adults and any extra must be paid on arrival (clearly labelled on the site and included in the email) - but would be a lot more convenient if I could charge the full amount at time of booking.

    Overall VERY satisfied with this application!

    Thanks in advance for any support!

  • I need similar functionality. If you get an answer, please post here. Thanks!
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    I need same function, we have a site that lists multiple hotels all offering half price rates for children... I have setup another parameter for children but it does not change the total booking cost if selected 1+ children.
  • I need it too :) I haven't even been able to get the parameters to update though... not sure why it's not working. I love the app though!!
  • Same here - must have this functionality...
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    Hello, it is now possible to set multiple price points. This is done via the System setup page.

    A short video tutorial is available here:
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