Checkfront 3.3.1 Update

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Over the past week, we finalized and completed a roll-out of our 3.3.1 platform update to all accounts.  This update included a number of filled feature requests, addons, and new functionality that might be useful for your business; such as conditional booking fields and notifications by item.

If you’ve used any the new features and have some input on how something works for you, or have questions about any changes, feel free to post them or contact us via at any time.  

If you’re developing a custom integration with the API and need assistance with any confusing aspects of what you’re hoping to achieve, you can email any questions to or post in the Developers section of the forum.

View our latest release notes here:

Checkfront 3.3.1

  • Notifications by Item
    • Notifications can now be configured to apply on a per item basis, allowing you to send information relating to a specific part of your inventory on any email notifications.
  • Thumbnail cropping selection for item images
    • You can now select how you want the image to be resized for display on your booking page.  You can modify your thumbnails by clicking on any uploaded image entry under your item’s “media” tab.
  • New payment gateway: Credomatic Paycom
    • Credomatic is a popular payment gateway in Central America.
  • New payment gateway: Coinbase Bitcoin Payment Processor
    • Bitcoin can now be accepted as an additional payment option for customer bookings. This can be configured under Manage / E Commerce in your account (requires a Coinbase account).
  • New payment gateway:
  • New add-on: Facebook Ads
  • New add-on: Quickbooks Online
  • Conditional booking form fields
  • Configurable sort order for invoice line items
    • You can now change how items sort on your invoice, such as sorting by dates or amounts.  These options can be changed under Manage > Layout > Invoice in your account.
  • Batch printing now keeps the specified sort order
  • Ability to edit customer profile region/country
  • List and filter customer records via the API
  • Updates to available locales
  • Admin staff can reset check-ins after a check-out
  • Inventory importing (beta)
    • You can now import your inventory from an external source by uploading their details in CSV format.  This feature is still in beta, and we highly recommend conferring with support to assist you if you have a set of inventory to add.

The feedback we get from you is invaluable, and plays a big part of our development roadmap.  As always, we’re constantly adding features and fixing any problems you bring us, so there are dozens of other changes (including a number of performance improvements and things like adding support for the SPDY protocol to all nodes) we’ve been making between releases.  We’re already working towards our next update with some more nice additions, and have some even more interesting things lined up following that.  Stay tuned!


  • Allowing filtered form items to be marked as required would be extremely helpful. Allowing the radio button filter to be filterable would also be very helpful. Allowing the use of First and Last name form fields while still maintaining the correct contact layout on the invoice would be huge, especially when pulling the Name and booking ID through the API.
  • Hi 

    I need some help regarding connecting to Credomatic. In the e-commerce section to activate the integration it will ask for a Merchant username, Public Key and Private Key , I have already opened an account with Credomatic but there  are no such credentials within their account systems (I have spoken and gone to the bank several times looking an answer on where to find these credentials and they don't even know who or what CheckFront is)

    Could you shed some light on what kind of account or what are these credentials Checkfront requires to activate the integration? What are the merchant username and public key and private key? 

  • Hi There,

    According to Credomatic's manual, you can obtain the keys under their "Sucursal Electrónica" website. From the top menu, go to Merchant → Ecommerce → Key Change. Under this key change, you should be able to find the user, public key, and private key.

    Here is a few screenshots we've taken from their manual:

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