Holiday Minimum stay Length - 4th of July require 3 nights

I have sent so many email questions to support I figured I better try something different and give them a break.

We require a 3 night stay if a customers desired dates touch a holiday.

I already have a 3 night rule setup and tied to a discount and its working great (winter months - low season - stay 3 nights and get the 3rd night free). However I have tried to use that same rule in an event called "4th of July".

Event type is "special", recurrence is set to "never", Start date is 7/04/2015 and end date is 7/04/2015, Rule is set to 3 night minimum mentioned above, applied to all items and categories.

I am still able to book the 4th of july with only a two night stay. Any help would be great.

Thanks - Doug


  • AlexMAlexM Checkfront
    Hey Doug,

    I see what you are experiencing. Special Events do not work with Rules. You will need to create a Seasonal Event for the 4TH of July weekend and attach the rule to it.

    If you have a Seasonal Event already in place, make it stop before the weekend and restart it after, this way you have a gap for the weekend to use another Seasonal Event for it.

    Hope this makes sense, let me know if not. Cheers!
  • Hello Mr. Alex -

    I did a seasonal event for the weekends I wanted to put a minimum stay in place for. For example, the 4th is on a Saturday this year so my event actually covers the 3rd and 4th (Friday & Saturday). Then I created a rule that requires a 3 day stay and tied it to the holiday event. More than likely Friday and Saturday will be booked together, but in the event someone wants to stay the 3rd and checkout on the 4th it requires them to stay at least 3 nights. This works perfectly.

    Thank you for your help. We are in the final stages of testing. I think we will be going live very soon. At least internally.
  • AlexMAlexM Checkfront
    Glad to hear that Doug.

    Let us know if you need any other help before going live, we can do a quick review of the setup for you before you go public with it. Email us at:

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