Update 3.3.1. Conditional form fields?

Hi, the notes to update 3.3.1 mention conditional form fields as a new option. How will this work? I noticed new filtering fields, but they do not seem to work yet. Will we be able to "call" certain fields based upon an inventory item that is selected by the customer?


  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Hi Johan,

    Have a look here for conditional form fields: https://www.checkfront.com/filter-questions-and-conditional-fields

    Note these can't be set per item, but this is in testing and coming in our next release.

  • Hi Jason,

    This is an interesting new feature! I will play around with the current options to see if they can already help us. What we ultimately are looking for is a way to link form fields to specific items. Example in our case: only if the client selects a certain walking tour tour we need to for addditional info which we need to arrange access to a museum. For other tours we would not need this additional info, but may need other info.
    Looking forward to the next release!

    Thank you guys for your great support!
  • Hi Johan,

    Stay tuned as this request is also being looked at presently by our development team in early testing stages.

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