Package Availability based on availabilty of grouped items within package.

This feature would make a group of selected items in a package the determining factor in the availability of the package.
The ability to alias or group items together in a package and when all of those selected items become unavailable during the customer's chosen dates the package itself becomes unavailable or sold out.

The scenario I have is a client who books delivered trailers and RVs by packages only. The included extras, perks and prices depend on the package selected but the individual trailer within the package depends on the trailers availability within the booking dates.
All of the trailers are different, have different prices and seasonal prices so they must stay as individual items with a stock qty of 1.
There are also extra, simple priced items to choose from that are unlimited in qty in each package.
When all of the trailers in the list are unavailable then the package needs to become unavailable.


  • IanIan Checkfront
    Hi DanielD,

    This sort of availability-checking feature has been requested already from customers and the development team is currently looking into implementing this feature into a future software release.

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