List of Booking Customisation Requests

Hi there,

We have a client using Checkfront for the online bookings and they have a list of changes or requests to ensure the system is easier for both customers and admin staff (front end and back end).

An example is - if you have daily cleaning as an extra option, the user must be able to choose or specify the number of days they want daily cleaning.

Is there someone who can help with these changes or recommend someone as I cannot figure them out myself.

Thank you!



  • Hi Caitlin,

    Checkfront's support staff would love to help you and your client make the most of our platform. Feel free to send an email to, or you can open a support ticket in the application by clicking on Account -> Support -> Talk To Us.

    Regarding your example, we have a feature coming in the near future that should be a perfect fit for that use case. Stay tuned!

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