Managing large orders.


We are using the system for our students as a"rental equipment House" in a Film and Televisions school, so students can make large orders some times 30 to 40 items on every request in different categories (light/Camera/Grip/Sound etc..).

we are facing some problems and would like to share it with you so maybe it will be possible to find a good solution.

1. When someone opens a new order, he must re-enter the dates of END Date when the equipment will be used after choosing every item. It would be much easier if when opening an order, one could enter the dates at the beginning and then choose all the equipment needed, like "grocery shopping".

2. When someone is adding Items from one Category like "Camera" and he wants to add another Item from the same category he has to select again the Category instead of just adding all the items he needed from that category without having to return back and again start from all over.

3. when a student (or students) ask for an extension to keep the equipment for longer, I have to enter the order and edit every Item on the list (remember 40 items) and chance the Dates individually.

please make for us the system to be more user friendly :)

For example:
1. Choose the dates which you will take and return the equipment.
2. Choose all the equipment one by one instead of having to check-out each time
3. Finish the order
4. Review the order
5. Send the order

Thank you,
Tommy Hamer (sam spiegel film school)


  • I'm with Tommy! I would like the booking date to remain constant for the rest of the order. I have previously requested this but was told that most other Checkfront users prefer to have the date entered each time. I guess if you're putting a travel inventory together with accommodation booked on different dates then the current system works well. Though if these users have to enter a new date each time anyway, what's the harm in having the date default to the first item booked? Then those users that want to change the date can do so and it will save the rest of us time. Not to mention less confusing for customers.

    I also asked for a shopping cart but was told this is currently not being considered. If a customer's computer crashes or they make a mistake then at least they can go back to the shopping cart and not have to start again. I get customers reporting they can't book an item because it 'appears' unavailable after they have made a mistake in the booking process. This is because they don't realise they have to clear their computer's cookies before they can start again. A shopping cart would also be useful for customers that decide they want to add more items after proceeding to payment. Or for customers that make a mistake during the payment process. Or if a customer's computer crashes during booking.

    Overall I'm really happy with Checkfront and the support team are amazing! I hope I don't appear too demanding. I just believe if I want something I need to shout about it and hope others express the same desire for a feature :-)


  • I too would like the booking date to remain constant for the rest of the order. And I think every other equipment rental business using Checkfront would agree that they would like this as well. I own a party rental business and a lot of my customers add multiple items for the same day. I don't think customers will think to have to select their date again after they selected it the first time.

    Having an "add to cart" button would be amazing, allowing customers to be able to add multiple items without having to go to the booking form every time an item is selected. All of us in the equipment rentals would greatly benefit from this.

    Thank you for your consideration!

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