Client account with Loyalty Program

I think allowing our repeat customers to "Create and account" upon ordering would be beneficial. This would then allow them to log in at anytime and see their previous orders, may payments, and more all from their account.

In addition, it would be wonderful to take this a step further and create a loyalty program option where in the product details we could specify a certain number of points or dollars that a customer would earn for booking a product, and then we could allow customers to shop on the store using the points that they has acquired. is a good example of a booking site with a well implemented loyalty program that I would love to offer my customers.


  • IanIan Checkfront
    edited December 2014

    This feature has been requested in the past to have the ability for repeat customers to log into their own account to see their booking history as you mentioned. The development team has made some recent enhancements to customer profiles whereby you can combine multiple customer profiles into a master profile, but the feature that allows customers to log into their own profile within the Checkfront platform is still being considered by the development team.
  • Allowing customers to view and manage their bookings is definitely a good idea, and something we've been considering adding in a future update. Alongside some more extensive CRM capabilities, there really are a lot of situations where this sort of functionality could be handy for businesses and customers. We're always looking for input, so let us know if you have an ideas that could make something like this great for your business.

    Being able to carry a balance and earn "loyalty points" is an interesting thought as well. Something similar to the loyalty points that's come up before was to allow simply offering automatic discounts to repeat customers, which is a tad simpler to handle; in the same ballpark, I imagine some businesses do currently offer discount codes in follow up notifications to encourage current customers to come back.
  • +1 on customer accounts/customer booking management
  • These implementations would definitely bring our business offerings to the next level.
  • +1 on client account definitely
  • +1. We have a lot of repeat custom and this would be a huge benefit. We use the customer booking droplet and we're always being asked by customers if they could have access to amend their bookings. They also don't like having to fill in their personal details for every booking.
  • A customer login/portal system are currently in the early stages of development. There are a variety of features going into it that should meet most of the needs mentioned in this thread, but a loyalty points system isn't currently in the cards this early in the development process.

    If you have any other specific requests or user stories relating to a customer login system, don't hesitate to let us know your thoughts.
  • What is the timeframe for the client login? Also will you be able to add customer downloads so they can keep copies of PDFs in their account? If there's no loyalty, can you add a referral program in? This would definitely add value to your clients who are using social media in their marketing mix.
  • RavennaRavenna Checkfront
    Hi Rachel,

    While we hope to roll this out in the near future, we are unable to provide ETA's on new releases. We will take your other features into consideration. Thanks for the feedback!
  • Hi,
    I understand you are not able to give specific dates on the release of this feature, however can you please provide some sort of indication? i.e. next month/next 3 months/end of year. This feature is a must for our business and I can't sign up until I have some idea of when this will be offered.

    Thank you for your time,
    Kind Regards,
  • RavennaRavenna Checkfront
    Hi there,

    At this point, this feature is still very early in development, and I don't expect to see anything in the very near future (3-6 months). If this is a required feature for your current set up, I would consider the feature to be, at the very least, 6 months away from any release date.

    I do recommend keeping an eye on our updates page to watch for any changes in the development progress

  • Thank you Ravenna. Much Appreciated.
  • We would love this as well as we want to have a loyalty program and allow the bookings through checkfront to track them.
  • Hello, any developments on a “loyalty” program hosted with Checkfront?  In April of 2015 this was spitballed as best case 6 months but it’s been 3 years. Just curious if CF has lost interest in making this a reality. It’s badly needed. We’ve gone through 3 outside loyalty programs in that much time and they’ve all missed the mark. It’s just a pain to have to run 2 platforms to track reservation purchases. I can give intense notes on all the problems associated with each outside program if it’s any help! 
  • +1 to this.
  • happycat: It appears Ravenna was talking about the customer profile/login feature and not a loyalty program in her 2015 comment. The login feature has since been released.

    If the the "loyalty" portion of this idea is still in the works, I'll add that I simply would like to be able to apply discounts to specific customers for anything booked under their profile. A number of my customers have "negotiated pricing" which is basically a percentage discount that applies to anything they book. Right now I keep an extra spreadsheet with the pricing and I have to cross-reference it whenever a repeat customer books an event.
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