Google apps integration

I have configured the google apps integration, but I am not able to see anything on my google calendar. is there an extra configuration I need to do?



  • I'm also having troubles with not seeing anything...
  • This has never worked for me either, google apps shows checkfront as being installed on the domain, but the calendar is not integrated, and if you try to export a report to google apps an error is returned
  • This may be a step you have already taken, but if I recall correctly I had to go into my domain management dashboard and enable reading/writing permissions for the app separately after it had been activated. After that I had no problems with calendar events being added and displaying in my Google Apps calendar.
    At this point I've run into another issue which is preventing Google Apps access so I'm not able to verify this for you.
  • I'm also having trouble with this, it isn't appearing on my calendar. Help would be great.
  • Yes Checkfront is not updating my google calendar either
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