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Today we sent out a beta release of our Quickbooks Online addon, and if you're interested you can take part in the beta for your account by going to Manage > Add-ons in your account.

This addon allows you to sync bookings and transactions from your Checkfront account directly to your Quickbooks Online account, which can help you keep track of all the details of your bookings from Quickbooks.

- The add-on will currently cause a slight delay when a booking is submitted (while it communicates with Quickbooks), or when editing items in your inventory. This is something we're working to resolve.
- There is not currently a direct link provided in your Checkfront account to view the Quickbooks invoice (such as exists in our Xero addon), but you can search the booking ID in your QBO account.
- There is not currently a bulk import for previous bookings, though this may be available soon. At the moment, only new bookings will be synced to Quickbooks Online.
- You must have your taxes set up appropriately on Quickbooks itself.

If you use Quickbooks or think it might help your business, give it a try -- they do provide a free trial if you're looking at software, or are switching from the desktop verion of Quickbooks. If you have any feedback on the add-on, or encounter any issues, feel free to let us know on here or via


  • Customer information did sync but non of the reserved products. How do the products in checkfront match with the products in quickbooks online?
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    Are you using the 'default' setting for the individual items?
    If you have the individual items you offer created in Quickbooks, you'll most likely want to go into the setup for each individual item and choose the sales item you want to sync it to. You can find the settings by going to Inventory > Items, clicking on each, and checking under the "Advanced" tab.
  • Hi Kris,

    My import into Quickbooks Online worked perfectly for the reserved rental items ordered but it did not import the customer's billing or shipping address details. Is there a setting I missed that can resolve this?
  • The billing address is synced using the default booking form customer address field IDs, which are used on customer profiles and throughout the system on invoices as well as by other addons. These are:


    At the moment, the shipping address in Quickbooks is not filled separately, as in most cases there is only a single address to be synced for a customer, and no default handling for a shipping address that differs.
  • To help me understand, why isn't this syncing in to Quickbooks Online then? No address information is coming through. The important sync for us is the delivery address as completed by the customer, if I can manipulate the field IDs to import that into Quickbooks Online correctly then my problem will be solved.

    How are other rental equipment companies handling this where the billing and delivery address may differ?
  • It requires the fields IDs mentioned above specifically -- it can't sync variations on these, such as using "customer_billing_address" in place of "customer_address". The ones mentioned are system defaults, and will always sync as long as they exist; if they appear to be there and are not syncing, you've most likely changed their IDs, which you can check by clicking "edit" on each address entry under Manage > Layout > Booking Form.

    The Quickbooks Online addon is still new, so I'm not aware of any other businesses that have required using it with a shipping address, but we're always taking input on what's needed for your business, so could make further changes to allow it.
  • Thank you for clarifying. Does Checkfront offer customization services for clients? It's certainly something we'd be willing to pay for if your development team is able to make the integration work.
  • We do not offer customization services, however if you look around/post on our forum I'm pretty sure you can find some independent developers already familiar with our API.
    You can also shop around for a local developer to help you with that, here is our API documentation needed for any advanced customization:
  • While we don't offer customization services, we always want to make sure we do everything we can to improve our product, so we do rely on your feedback when making decisions on where our development should be focused.

    Allowing sending shipping address information when syncing is a perfectly reasonable request for an addition to the addon, and though there may be some validation requirements to consider with ensuring the country/region are in the correct format, could be something that can be added at some point.

    As far as the option of having a third-party developer using the API to connect to Quickbooks Online externally, I wouldn't personally recommend it, as this is a complex integration which would effectively need to be reproduced in its entirety alongside additional changes in order to add only slightly different information.
  • Hi Kris, you mentioned in January - There is not currently a bulk import for previous bookings, though this may be available soon. At the moment, only new bookings will be synced to Quickbooks Online.

    Has any progress been made with this? Thanks, Steve
  • Yep, importing is something that should be in soon, although initially the link may be unpublished. We can follow up with anyone who has noted interest in it if this does end up being the case, but at any rate, it should end up being public in one of the next updates we'll be preparing.
  • Hi Kris,

    We're still running in to this address issue and I was hoping since we're nearing the two month mark of this thread that hopefully there's been some progress on importing both the shipping and billing addresses in to Quickbooks Online. Any updates I can utilize?

    Thanks so much!
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    The ability to synchronize shipping address information was added in a hotfix shortly after one of your previous support ticket conversations, and is used with the field IDs shipping_address, shipping_city, shipping_country, shipping_region, and shipping_postal_zip

    The shipping_address field is required to trigger the address being populated in QBO, while any empty fields will be filled with the information from their corresponding system standard customer_* field.
  • I am very sorry to dig this up. But is there any ETA to import previous bookings/payments into QB Online? The connection between Checkfront / QB Online was interrupted unnoted and we are sitting on 3500+ reservations.
    We tried to do it manually with a third party app and totally messed up our QB accounting :-D
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