3.3 Release / Discussion

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Last week we released version 3.3 of the software to all accounts, which includes big new features like Partner Accounts and quite a few smaller changes made based on your feedback.  If you’ve used the new release and have some input on how something works for you, or have questions about any changes, feel free to post them or contact us via support@checkfront.com at any time.

View our latest release notes here: https://www.checkfront.com/updates

Checkfront 3.3

  • New Partner Accounts
  • New payment gateway: SecurePay (Australia)
    • SecurePay is a new payment gateway available to Australian customers (via Australia Post).
  • Locale updates
    • Added currency support for: Bulgarian Leva, & Kenya & Tanzania shilling. - Improved support for zero-decimal currencies.
  • SKU as an exportable column in Booking / Index report
    • Item SKU is now available to export or view in the Booking Index report. Multiple SKU's will be separated by commas.
  • New e-mail variables for notifications.
    • Two new variables have been added to create custom notifications: {$BOOKING_RATES} - reflects the pricing at rate summary for the items booked. {$BOOKING_EXTRA_DETAILS} - Supplies the details provided in the item setup page under "Extra Details".
  • Additional card swiper manufacturers added to POS payments.
  • Overall performance improvements.
    • We've made some overall performance improvements to the backend of the app. The booking admin and customer booking page should feel more responsive, especially for larger inventories.
  • New customer profile enhancements.
    • You can now edit customer details in the customer center. You can also merge in duplicate customer records.

In addition to the above, we’ve included a lot of minor fixes, tweaks, and style changes that you’ve suggested to us.  Just a few other changes we’ve included that you may not have noticed are:

  • All the dialogs within the system have all been replaced with a new modal format that should provide consistent usability across devices.
  • Hourly items can now define a fixed Start Time and Length (in hours), allowing for more precise handling of how your hourly items are booked. See this thread for a bit more information
    • These can be used in combination, such as creating a 3 hour booking that starts at  9:00 AM.  This could be combined with other fixed length hourly items to create “half-day” and “full-day” items that will share inventory to prevent overbooking (just alias the half-day item to the full-day under “Advanced” to share inventory).
    • The Start Time and Length fields can be used separately, allowing you to have a fixed length (such as when you only want to allow a 1 hour booking at any time), or a fixed start time with a variable length.
  • The time picker on hourly items will no longer allow times prior to the start to be selected, and items will default to the first available time when opened.
  • Customer payments on an invoice can be disabled after an initial deposit (e.g. if you want to collect a deposit when a booking is created, but not allow the customer to fully pay an invoice).
  • The company name can be omitted from the company details on an invoice, allowing you the option to display only your print logo in its place.
  • The header overlay on your hosted booking page can be linked to your company website to return users to your page when not using the widget.
  • A custom receipt URL can now use the $BOOKING_TOKEN, $BOOKING_PAID (amount), and $BOOKING_STATUS variables.
  • Custom notifications can use the {$CUSTOMER_FIRST_NAME} and {$CUSTOMER_LAST_NAME} variables.
  • The datepicker on items, when creating or editing a booking, now shows the availability of the item for the displayed months.

Have you tried partner accounts or other new features, and if so, what would help improve them for your business?

What new features would you like to see next?

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out our Checkfront Feature Survey to let us know what matters to you!

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