Any way to see only checkins and checkout dates (together with times would be even better) ?

Is there any way to see only checkins and checkout dates at an external calendar (e.g. google calendar)?

I'm trying to make the cleaning schedule in an easier way. If I could use some custom fields from the booking from (check-in and check-out times) together with the dates it would be much better of course...


  • IanIan Checkfront
    Hi Tarki,

    Unfortunately there would be no way to have the calendar show the check-in/check-out times on an external calendar but rather only the booking start date and booking end date. I tried a few tests here on my own account to see if there would be a way to have the check-in/check-out fields fields appear but since those fields are used internally within the Checkfront system, there was no way to export them using the iCal sync service to my Google calendar.
  • Hi, how did you do start and end dates then?
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