Booking Parameter Reports

Is it possible to have a real time report with the total number of each of the booking parameters for a specified date RANGE. I am hosting an event that sells tickets to adults, juniors, kids and infants. I need to purchase gifts for every junior, kid and infant. Currently, I have to go to booking - daily summary for each day and write them in by hand. If i need the total for the week I have to do this 7 times. It would really help to have a running total.


  • Hi Karen,

    Just for confirmation, Booking > Summary is the only area where you're able to grab the parameter information because those columns are not available in Booking > Index where a date range report is possible. Correct?

    If there was ability to have a report from Booking > Summary (or List) that had ranges beyond 'daily', but reports restructure like daily, would that suffice?

    Would you need customized range option?

    Chris - Checkfront Team
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