Group Rates

I have been playing with Rates. Is there a way that we can setup a rate so that it reduces the price if they book 10 or more, 20 or more etc?


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    sure there is.

    Create a rule "10 to 20" and fill in the minimum and maximum # of bookings.
    Create a rate and link it to the new rule i.e. "10%" . Configure it to use a dynamic price, to reduce the price either by percent or fixed amount. Apply this to the items or categories you desire (un-checking the check-box will give you more options)
    After this just go to the item->pricing and check the per booking button.

    Now if a client does a booking and chooses more than 10 bookings, he will automatically get the discount of 10% or whatever you you stipulated in the rate that is linked to that rule.
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    Please also have a look at our new grouped based pricing released earlier today:
  • The group pricing link is now Gone.

    Also Can I attach more than one Rule? I already have a max for each day at 50 people.
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