How can I update customer information?

Hi, we put in the wrong email address for a customer. Can we update it within the checkfront interface?



  • Hi Mat,

    I don't think the system is set up to edit the email address of a client at this time.

    However...seeing that the email was never sent out to the correct email address, I found that if I deleted the client (customers->click on email->click on status i.e. "pending"->void the booking) recreate the booking and send it. It would work just as well.
  • Thanks. I presume I can't edit anything else, either?
  • Sure you can,

    you can edit basically everything that you as the Admin type in e.g. Inventory, extensions, Your profile, Your employees profile etc.

    You just cant edit user info once it has been submitted, for as soon as it is submitted it will have a booking number (which is sent to the email you specified). So if you were able to edit the email to that booking number, the whole transaction would be incorrectly balanced, thus causing a huge internal booking mismatch.
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Yes, currently you need to VOID an existing booking. The next release due out soon will give you the ability to add and remove items from a booking and change customer information.
  • Thanks, Jason!
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