Multiple Customers-One Invoice-Multiple Payments

Okay, I know I already had a discussion on this, but we've actually just started using the system 'live' at the resort and running into issues. We have "invoices" (reservations) with multiple rooms, cabins, etc.. in them. Reservation is made by one person, they pay the initial deposit.

When they check in, each customer wants to pay for their room, cabin, etc... When we try to process the payment via, they are being rejected because the customer address doesn't match. I have been in contact with and one way to avoid this is to 'swipe' the card when accepting payment. Is that possible in Checkfront? When someone is checking in, can I go to 'add payment' and enter amount, enter customer name, put cursor in cc # field and then swipe the card?

If not, is there ANY way that Checkfront will soon have the ability to add multiple customers to the invoice and then take payments from particular customers?


  • AlexMAlexM Checkfront
    You might want to ask about turning off your: Address Verification Service (AVS) in your Authorize Dashboard. This will allow you to process transactions even if the address initially on file is different without the use of a swipe.

    Checkfront does not support swipe, however we are working on our own swipe that we will be releasing in future updates. However, there is no timeline for it yet.

  • Well I know I can turn off the AVS but that could result in more cc fraud, correct? Okay so no timeline on the swipe, but when it IS implemented, will it work with whatever gateway we are using, meaning I'm surprised there aren't more checkfront users looking for this feature.
  • And I just saw that it's now implemented YIPPEE!! Thanks Checkfront! Going to try it out tomorrow.
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Yes it was released in 3.2.1. have a look here:

    If you have any issues let us know. Any USB card reader should do, but we of course can't test them all... and may need to adjust for some.

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