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Hello all,

Really liking the backend of checkfront compared to other online booking software, but we cant figure out few things that should be simple, firstly we run classes that have a maximum of 1 person per hour, and also offer group sessions.

for the individual, we need the student to be able to 'one off' book a class for one hr max, but not be able to book more than 1 hr at a time, so they can book 9-10am, 10-11am, but NOT 9-1pm, 9-4pm etc. we have tried everything, rules to set 1hr max, but could not get this to work, it still allows you to book more than 1hr at a time.

We also will be offering weekly classes that last for a month, so the student could book any hour (1hr max) on a Friday for a whole month. I have followed this https://www.checkfront.com/forum/discussion/781/create-a-weekly-recurring-class-or-course-event and it all looks good, but when I go to test, I cant book anything, it says 'Not available at this time" for any choice.

does anyone have solutions for these issues?



  • RavennaRavenna Checkfront

    We can certainly assist you with this however some more information would be needed. If you could email into our support desk (support @ checkfront.com) with your Checkfront Account information, I can have a look at your current configuration. You can also submit a ticket through your Checkfront account.

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