Daily Summary report through API

I would love to be able to pull the Daily Summary report (or any report) from the API. We currently push this report into a google spreadsheet that reorganizes the data in a more useful visual but it requires us to manually export this report every time we want to run it. Ideally, we could type in a date and populate the data automatically.

I'm not well versed in APIs but after reading through the developer information, it looks like I can only work with individual records (but I could be wrong!).

Pulling an Index report (based on end dates) would be helpful as well to see what we're expecting back on any particular day.


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    You can get a listing of bookings starting on a date using the start_date parameter of the booking endpoint (such as booking?start_date=today if you want to test in the API console); this call will also include a good number of summary details on each booking (more or less the same as a default daily summary view), though if you need more specific information it is a bit limited, and viewing individual records to get complete information might be required in that case.

    Alternatively, a webhook would allow you to export each booking as it is created, but this would mean capturing, processing, and storing records on each booking on your own server. In some scenarios, this can be useful for reporting, but if you don't need some of the details, or more thorough local date-based filtering, the API does provide most of the important information needed in the previously mentioned booking index call.
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