Recurring Blocks

We run Checkfront in an hourly configuration. Our biggest problem is that checkfront doesn't allow for our rooms to have their own hours, or allow a section of "unavailable" time in the middle of a day, for lunch, etc..

A system that can create "unavailable" time in a recurring fashion would solve these problems, we'd be able to create recurring "unavailable" times at the beginning or end of days to accommodate different opening/closing times between our individual rooms. Also, we'd be able to accommodate pre-set breaks in the middle of our working day, and not have to create 30 fake bookings per room, per month, just to get some lunch.

I realize that this can be done with "dummy" bookings, but it would be a nightmare creating so many of them week to week as there's no way to do a lot of them very quickly.


  • AlexMAlexM Checkfront
    We've got this feature request on file already to be added in future updates. There is a couple of possibilities to achieve it, but its not a simple feature and it needs to take its time in development and testing.

    We'll keep you posted in case we have any news/updated plans about the recurrent feature.


  • I think this could be accomplished by adding a "daily" reoccurrence option to the "inventory unavailable" event, and also times, to specify the hours to block, whereas now it's only dates and whole days.

    We can already apply these events to particular items (rooms, in my case.)
  • AlexMAlexM Checkfront
    Exactly that is one way to go which we are looking at, however the whole infrastructure or "Hours" in the Events function is not established this why I pointed that this is not a simple feature. It is actually a series of features combined together to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Hey Alex,

    we're still very eagerly waiting for this, has there been any progress? it's incredibly important to us.
  • IanIan Checkfront
    Hi Battalion,

    There has been no release of this feature yet by the development team but it appears that it is something that is still on their radar.
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