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For some reason, some customers still get checkfront messages as spam or ....... oops; I lost your message. Would love a 'resend this message' feature against the notification status in the booking log.


  • @NIK this is something I have been building with a team as a Checkfront Addon. If a message does not make it you will be notified and offer the ability to resend. If you would like more information I would love to share what we are working on.

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  • Generally when an email is "lost" or marked as spam, this can be traced down to a specific issue with either the content of your notification triggering spam filter rules, or your mailing domain not having appropriate DNS records set up to accommodate SPF/DKIM checking. In many case it can be a combination of multiple factors, as there are numerous spam filtering mechanisms in place for most email services.

    The mail systems in place for delivery of your notifications are extremely reliable, and attempting to deliver the same message through another service without addressing the root spam filtering issue will not have any significant benefit to the delivery.

    While it may be possible that an option to attempt resending soft-bounced emails could be added in a future release, the unfortunate fact is that this will not aid in the delivery of email if it is being delegated as spam by the receiving service -- the rules by which spam is graded will continue to remain in place, and if the mail sent is beyond a certain threshold, it will never be shown to the recipient.

    One thing you can do to check if your notifications are likely to be marked as spam is to create a test booking using the email for the mail-tester service at:
    This should provide you with a graded report, and should include a number of tips to help resolve possible delivery issues. If you're not sure what some or any of the results mean, or just need some help interpreting the data, feel free to contact with the link of your mail-tester report, and we can help you look over it.
  • The main issue I wanted to highlight was the inability to re-send a message after a status update. I believe my spam issue is due to my hosting co - Godaddy shared hosting :(

    With recent changes it is easy enough to re-send a message on PAID status by dropping it back to a prior status and then re-initiating PAID with a $0 charge and selecting the send notification button. There is currently no way I have found to re-trigger a notification if the booking is in DEPOSIT status. This is needed if a second deposit amount is received or if the booking changes (date or product). I currently go around this by putting it into a -pre-deposit status but would love to have the ability to re-trigger in a similar manner to that for PAID ($0 payment added and re-send).

    Thanks, Steve
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