Multiple Customers-One Invoice-Multiple Payments

This kind of ties in with the another Feature Request I saw, for customized Booking Forms where you can collect information from more than one customer. We have many bookings where one person will make a reservation for multiple units (cabins,motel rooms, rv spots, etc..) and put it in their name. Then, other people from the group will call in and say "Cabin 101 is ours, we'd like to make a deposit for that please".

i would love to have a way to add all the customers to the reservation, AND apply their deposits/payments to their individual units. Right now, I'm just using 'notes' and showing them on the invoice; but the problem with that is that the invoice lists each line item without tax. So we'll have to say "Okay Mary, Cabin 101 is $109 a night, with tax it's $120.12, so your deposit amount is $24.02". Then, when she checks in, we'll have to manually calculate what is owed by Mary, and John, and Paul, etc..

We currently use Resmark, and I'm in the trial period for Checkfront, and that was one of the reasons I was switching, because with groups, it's way too hard to calculate what each person owes. There are many other reasons too of course.


  • Hi Angela, We would also love feature like this because we have multiple people paying for the one invoice. Is there any movement on an ETA or whether it is in your short term plan?
  • Hi Steve,

    Unfortunately, we're not able to provide an ETA on whether or not this feature will be added in our short team plan. You can watch for updates here:

    Checkfront support team
  • This would be exceptionally useful in our business model as well - same requirement, one person make the booking and pays a deposit, but individual participants pay their own way on the day of the event.
  • Happy to see my post from 2 years ago gaining some others who want the same feature, maybe by next season this will be a reality!!!!
  • Yes that would be great for our business too

  • There are a couple ways this could be executed.

    Fast Route
    The fastest route is utilizing the same code that you use with the Digital waiver that allows the front end user to send waivers out by inputting emails. It adds the email and sends the link to waiver. You could just send out a link that access a payment portal the same way. It could combo the waiver and bill if someone is using both. 

    Even better, as a person is added to the group, the total is split by default and the person booking can change the amount if they need to cover the bachelors cost or someone is paying for a couple or their kids, or one guy covering another guy. 

    This helps the group leader by not having to beat up people for payment or getting shorted. The email automation can keep reminding them to pay. Maybe a group summary email set goes to the group leader to keep him informed of who has paid. 

    Incentives for the group leader could be in place that his portion is free is everyone pays ahead. Or the leaders amount is a deposit. 

    Enhanced Route
    The person in the group gets a link that brings them to finish a few steps to pay and they are given the option to select their own add ons and add to their bill. They cant remove items that are already there but they can add. 

    A great reservation part would be a Group view to show who has paid and who has added upgrades or extra equipment. It is always good to see what the other guy is getting to help sell those extra marginal items. Ted is getting the X fancy widget upgrade, then I have to get that, I cant let Ted one up me. Your clients would love this. 

    Collecting money before the event will generate more revenue, the money I have today is completely different then the money I will spend they day of. So having tools to make it easy to collect as much money ahead of time is ideal. 

    Strong vote for this feature. 

  • Yes, huge vote for this request!!!! 

    I also sent in a feature request for this option. Groups are BIG business, but group leader doesn't want to collect from 20 people. 

    Our current "Old School" system does this with "Participants" which are added to a Quote or Booking or in "Invoice". 

    Then within the invoice, for each item added to the itinerary, has the option to apply costs to any person on the trip. 

    This allows for multiple itineraries within one booking, and allows for payments to be split among groups to pay individually.

    Need to be able to assign costs of a per night, or per person, item to a specific person.

    Each product that is in a group itinerary has check boxes to apply a cost to a specific person to create their unique total.


  • I can only add my voice to the chorus for this feature request. We, too, need something like this, so we can distinguish who is booked into which cabin
  • Hi Gertrud,

    Thanks for adding your voice to this request. We really appreciate your feedback and have added you to the list of people who would like to see this feature implemented. Feel free to let us know if you would like to add any further details.

    You can watch our updates page for future releases:

    Best regards,

    Checkfront Support Team
  • This feature is very nearly the last piece of the puzzle we need to make the move to CheckFront. Groups and or splitting payments up among people on one invoice is a daily part of our workflow and business.

    Hopefully this is on the docket for development soon!

  • Hi There,

    Thanks for your support! 

    It's great to see some feedback to this feature request! We'll let you know more as the request is reviewed. 

  • Our current system does this nicely, which is being decommissioned unfortunately, I could provide some insight on this feature if needed. 
  • I requested this in the past. I would like to request it again on behalf of every client I talk to about using Checkfront. Great software, this would take it up a level. 

  • Hi Rusty,

    I'm happy to hear you're having a great time using Checkfront, and thank you for letting us know you're still interested in this feature! I will be sure to let our product team know that there's still demand for splitting up payments and we're always looking for new ways to improve our services to help your company make the most out of our software! 

    If you want more information on how we handle feature requests, you can view our page on that Here.

    I hope you continue to have a great experience with Checkfront, and we look forward to releasing powerful new updates to meet the growing needs of our community. :)

    Happy Bookings!

    Jay - Checkfront Support Team
  • Hello, 

    I am with Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve Ltd. and this feature would be super beneficial to us as well!


    Melissa Pockett
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