Integrating Checkfront with search form

Hi my website already has a really nice looking CSS/Html form. Does anyone know how I can replace this or customise it to work with Checkfront:

Make your reservation

Select Type
1 or 2 Bedrooms
3 to 4 Bedrooms
5+ Bedrooms

Check Availability
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  • Hi above was in code but the forum has formatted it to rich text, any way to post code instead? Thanks
  • AlexMAlexM Checkfront

    This cannot be done by regular integration.

    You will need to use our API if you decide to achieve something similar:

  • Hi thanks Alex, is there anything in the tutorials or sample code I can use that is similar to this?
  • IanIan Checkfront

    Making good use of the API requires a solid background in programming and can get quite a bit more complex than what you would normally find in a typical support document. Businesses that want to create their own personalized booking system using our API will almost always hire the services of a web developer.
    If you want to enquire about the services from developers that are familiar with Checkfront than what you can do is post a forum message on our message board at

  • I have this exact same problem... Finding the API difficult to understand without examples.

    Where's the best place to post a job ad? The project's time sensitive and I'm willing to pay for some expertise!
  • AlexMAlexM Checkfront
    Hi Matt,

    You can post on the general page of the Forum that you are searching for a developer with Checkfront experience.

    Alex @ Checkfront Team
  • For anyone that's interested I used a simple workaround for this... Using the form I passed start_date, end_date and discount_code arguments to the Hosted Booking Page URL -
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