Booking and Payment Problems

I have quite a few customers phoning their orders in because they are having problems with online ordering. A common complaint is they can't order multiple items. Some say they get to about 3 or 4 items and then can't add any more. Others have problems when they go to process payment and they're not sure if their order has gone through. I have checked the system myself and asked Checkfront to check. It always seems to work perfectly well. Does this mean there are a lot of idiot customers or glitches that happen but not all the time. I'm quite astounded at how many people are phoning me. At the same time other customers are not experiencing any problems. At the moment I'm looking into why an online credit card payment has been processed but there is no record of the booking on Checkfront? Am I the only one experiencing these problems? Is it normal that a lot of customers can't use the system?


  • RavennaRavenna Checkfront

    Thank you for the feedback. Regarding some of your users having issues booking: when they phone in, it would be helpful if you could ask what browser they are using, such as Internet Explore (with version number), FireFox, or Chrome.

    A lot of people are still using older versions of Internet Explorer which can create a lot of issues with any websites they may visit. If you find this is the frequent reason for issues in booking, suggest they update their browser version/ and or consider using Chrome.

    Regarding your recent invoice issue, your email was received in Support and has been escalated to our senior developers for review. We will be in contact with you as soon as possible regarding this matter.

  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Overall the majority of bookings on Checkfront have 1 or more item. The system was designed to for this purpose. If you can provide in a support ticket or private message the customer name or order id, we are able to review your logs and see where an order was abandoned and sometimes why.

    You may also wish to enable the mobile redirect. This is under Manage / Layout / Booking page. "[X] Redirect mobile devices to mobile booking page"

    If your website isn't fully mobile compatible this will redirect mobile users to our hosted booking page so you can be sure it's 100% compatible.
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