How do I set up a booking of specific dates?

Hi - So I'm brand new to Checkfront and finding the whole system very complicated. I want to set up a system where by clients can select a trip from one of two locations on a specific date, and choose either a half day or a full day. In other words customer is greeted with "select which site you would like to visit: site 1 or site 2." On clicking into either of these it says "select which date you would like to book." The visits are only available on specific dates, e.g. Thursday 7th August, Monday 11th August etc."

Upon selecting the date, they could then choose "full day, morning or afternoon session." Very confused as to whether to create these as items or events etc and would really appreciate your guidance. Many thanks


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    Hi @JoeAcorn,

    What you want to do is create an "item" for each site.

    Specific dates can be managed through events. Are the specific dates you want on a recurring weekly basis? If so, create an "event", set "recurrence" to weekly and link to the "item".

    Otherwise, for each date, create an "event" for each date , set "recurrence" to never and link to the "item". For both of these setups, be sure to remove the "end date" from the options.

    Setting up half day and full days can be tricky, but it depends on what you want. If half day is booked, should full day for that day become unavailable?

    Let me know if you have questions.


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