Inventory page x of y?

I use the inventory page to level workload by adjusting available quantities as trip specifics change. It currently displays how many places remain. Any way for the screen to show x/y places where x is how many left of a total adjusted quantity (y)?


  • There isn't currently a way to display this in the inventory calendar, but it's a good idea, and something I'd like to see myself. Sometimes adjustments can make things unclear if you're making a lot of changes, so more detailed information provided for specific dates is definitely something we'll look into in a future update.
  • I would LOVE this feature! Not just for making it more clear for bookings, but for operations. We run River Trips and Ropes Courses/Ziplines every two hours at 9-11-1-3-5 and we currently use a dry erase board, where we run over and change the board each time a booking comes in. The guides are in and out during the day checking the board to see what is going on. MY thought would be so that the Qty booked for each reservation also shows, so when looking at, say, Calendar Day, it would show each reservation with QTY booked, AND I could hook a projector up to the computer so that the calendar is displayed in place of the dry erase board!
  • AlexMAlexM Checkfront
    Thank you for placing your vote for this feature request. Our developers are looking into it for future releases of Checkfront.

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