Booking Parameters?

I agree 100%. I created custom fields but they do not integrate into the actual inventory. Those new fields need to appear in each room edit to set the capacity for the room. Whats the point of adding new fields that have no function.


  • Can someone please explain to me what the "Booking Parameters to determine available" setting does? I can't find any documentation. I tried remove the one parameter that the system includes by default (Qty)... but then when I try to book a room it comes up as "undefined". I don't want users to see a "Quantity" field because it's confusing and makes no sense to users whatsoever. They want to book a room for however many nights. Period. When I first saw "Qty" I assumed it meant number of adults... so I put in "2" and it of course doubled the cost of my stay.

    Anyway... it seems we need something there or you can't book a room. I added a field called "Test" and that allows me to book and unlike "Qty" it does not affect the price. Very confusing guys.
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    David did you ever get an answer to this question.  The system is short on documentation in general.  It is very slowly getting better from what I can tell, but the initial setup is a beast because I have to keep testing what different setup options do.
  • From what I reckon, you should always have a Quantity field with all checkboxes (price, etc) checked.

    This will be your main "Quantity" of your items. If you do not wish for this to be changed by the user, apply the Default Quantity you want (I guess "1") and check the Hide field.

    The Booking Parameters help with determining availability and prices. For example, you can set up Children/Adults prices for Hotels rooms.
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    The "price" and "qty" check-boxes refer to the actual price and quantity of the item. For example:

    If a parameter has no price, no sum will occur i.e. a hotel owner may wish to know if a guest is bringing a dog, but may not want to charge for it.

    If a parameter has no "QTY" it will not subtract from the items quantity. This is useful if a hotel has multiple rooms,  some can take 4 guests some only 2. Therefore a parameter (Guests) can be created, leaving the QTY field of "Guests" unchecked. The Guest quantity can then be adjusted individually, per item in the items setup.
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