Tour of 3 days that can be booked only starting on Friday


I have a service that offers tours for the weekends, starting on Friday's morning and returning on Sunday's Night. How can I setup this tours so they can only be booked by weekends and not by calendar day?

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    There are a few possible ways this could be handled, ultimately in the end it will depend on how you want it to show, but probably the most straightforward would be something like the following:

    First, create an item for your weekend tour, set up the pricing and everything needed; on the "Availability" tab, set the "Default status" to "Unavailable", and the "Length" to 3.

    Next, go to *Inventory > Rules* and hit the "+ New Rule Set" button on the left. Give it a name such as "weekly" so you can refer back to it, then set the "start day of week" to "Friday".

    Finally, go to *Inventory > Events*, click "+ New Event" (top left), and use something like the following settings:

    Inventory Status: Available
    Type: Seasonal
    Name: My Weekly Tour
    Price: Base price
    Recurrence: Weekly
    Days: Fri Sat Sun
    Start date: Today (remove end date)
    Rules: My Weekly Ruleset
    Apply to: My Weekly Item

    Once this is done, you should have your tour showing up as starting every Friday, and it will always have the 3 days of the weekend selected. If you also select the "Show upcoming items" option in the *Manage > Layout > Booking Page* settings, your customers can fast forward to the event if there are no items to be booked on other dates.

    If you need any extra help figuring it out in a way specific to your inventory, you can send a ticket in to support whenever you're having trouble.
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