Rules: Cutoff time - Do not accept bookings later than x number of hours?

How do I change the cutoff time from number of days to number of hours? I need a cutoff but it would be great to have the cutoff at an hour before my event begins.


  • This depends on how you've configured your allocation at Manage > Setup > Configuration. If you've chosen 'Days', your rules will work in increments of 1 day. If you're setup with 'Hours', your rules will work in increments of 1 hour. So, if you wish to have a cutoff of 1 day with an hourly configuration, you would need to use a value of '24'. Set the value to '1' for a cutoff of 1 hour. This works to the nearest full hour. So, for example, if you have a 3 hour cutoff and it's currently 8:40, the customer will not be able to book until 12:00.

    If you are using a 'day' setup, you cannot have a cutoff of less than 1 full day.
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    I have switched to hours in setup. Under the rules it still has it has days.
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