Multiple Item - 1 stock level

I'm new here just running a trial version for now.
I run private tours in classic cars. I have 9 cars. these can booked for 8 different tours.
I can't list the available quantity as 9 for each tour. the total available tours needs to feed from all items
I.E. if mrA books tour1 then all bookable tours have 8 available. if MrsB books tour3 then there are 7 left.
Is this possible?



  • Hello Tony

    Yes, this can be configured using Checkfront's aliasing feature. First, set the available quantity to 9 for each of the 8 tours. Next, pick one of the tours to be the "primary". It doesn't matter which one you pick, you just need one of them to alias everything else to.

    Now, go into each of the other tours and click on the 'Advanced' tab. You'll see an option labelled 'Alias To:'. Enter the "primary" item in here and do this for each item (except the 'primary').

    You should now be set up. When one of the tours is booked, all the other ones will have their availability reduced by the same amount, as in your example above.

    If you require additional assistance with this, please contact our support department directly.
  • That's great Paul, Thanks very much.
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