Might be being stupid here but is there any way we can tun off the POS payment feature?


  • Hi Richard,

    That's interesting. Can you elaborate as to why you'd want an option for this? An upcoming release will have a break down of POS reporting for what it's worth (Cash, Check, etc)

    If there's a business case for it, we'll consider looking at this option for you.

    Checkfront Support Team
  • Chris, it will be great to have a break down of POS payment and it'd be great to make the options user defined, so we could define them as we wish...

    I'm also longing for a confirmation button after 'process button' is clicked. Today, it's very easy to charge to customer's card by mistake when the actual intention is to accept a POS payment... Only because of this risk I don't open up the process payments authority to my team but I do it personally.
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