Pay with two or maybe 3 credit cards?

Is it possible to provide the option to pay with one, two or maybe 3 credit cards? At least 2 credit cards as we have a lot of our guests splitting charges and paying with 2 credit cards. I think this would be a good feature!


  • Hi,

    Has this option been added yet? This feature is essential to our business as our customers regularly require us to split their invoices between 2 parties.

    Thank you,
  • Hi Sebastian,

    Thanks for writing into the forums.

    The feature to be able to add payments with multiple credit cards is still in the works, but it is possible to an extent.

    If you are using a payment gateway that has a virtual terminal, such as Stripe or Authorize.Net, then you can take manual payments and indicate a specific amount.

    This payment will have to be taken by staff, and will require inputting the credit card numbers individually in the payment fields on the booking in your Checkfront account.

    It is not yet possible for Checkfront to split customer's bills across multiple payment methods/credit cards.

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