[RESOLVED] Broken revenue report

Did anyone else suddenly have a broken revenue report? All other reports appear to be working correctly. If so, how are you working around the missing gross and net revenue (I could really use my refund data)?



  • Found what I needed in the transaction report. Also makes me think I can't trust any of this data as other reports are also incorrect. Transaction data does not equal Volume Report and significantly different than Revenue Report (all three are showing different amounts in revenue, refunds, and number of transactions).
  • The revenue report error is an issue that arose in a recent system upgrade to your node that rendered a particular query to behave differently -- this is resolved internally, and a fix will be going up soon.

    As to the data varying between reports, these reports are used for different purposes; so do contain different data.
    The volume report contains information on (non-cancelled) bookings created in each month regardless of their payment status, not taking their transactions into account.
    The transaction details report always reflects the exact amount collected, and contains details on every transaction recorded in the system. The revenue report shares this same transaction data, although it is temporarily not reporting the amounts correctly, which should be resolved as soon as possible.
  • Gotcha, thanks for the clarification! I did recheck the transaction data against last year's P&Ls and they agreed. I'll continue exporting and filtering the transaction reports until the revenue report is back up and running.
  • The revenue report has been corrected with our latest update.

    Checkfront Support Team
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