Hello everybody,

I ll explain my problem,

In my business customers can book an item only within 5 days from the start date of availability, or if the item is already available within 5 days from the current date.


item available today(4 June) can be booked only with starting of booking between (4June-9June) if he/she wants to booked from 10th he has to wait tomorrow!

With forward window it works perfectly, but if the item is available from 15th June, he should be able today(4th) to booked this item with starting date between (15th-19th) but the forward window calculate this from current date, so it's impossible for me to do this.

I found one way of setting a particular events for this item with forward window set like (days remaining to start availability+5 days), but like this I have every day to reset the event!

Any suggestion??

Thank you

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