product by the hour... the more hours, the cheaper it gets!!

Back in 2011, User JSSOX wrote this... 

"I rent a product by the hour, but the more hours that a person takes the product the cheaper per hour it is.  What is the easiest way to put this into the checkfront system?  Through events?  Through the parameters under configurations?  I can't figure it out.

For example:

1 hour rental is $79
2 hour rental is $149
4 hour rental is $249
8 hour rental is $395"

Back then, there was no answer. Is there a way todo this now


  • you would be able to do this by making every available combination available at every time, if you want customers to have the freedom to decide when they would like to book. 


    1:00pm 1 hour rental 

    1:00pm 2 hour rental 

    1:00pm 4 hour rental 

    1:00pm 8 hour rental 

    1:30pm 1 hour rental 

    1:30pm 2 hour rental 

    1:30pm 4 hour rental 

    1:30pm 8 hour rental 

    2:00pm 1 hour rental

    2:00pm 2 hour rental

    2:00pm 4 hour rental

    2:00pm 8 hour rental etc.

    May work if you only have a few set start times, if not you're going to end up with a very long list. Bookings will always show up as all-day events in calendar feeds, since they're not technically hourly bookings, which is confusing. You can probably also create pages with mazes of links to drill down so there aren't so many options, say a page where customer clicks on a time link which takes them to a specific checkfront droplet for that time maybe. 

    There's still no real fluid way to do this.

  • Battalion... Thanks for feedback!!

  • What you can actually do to have fixed price points based on the number of hours booked on an item is to create a new ruleset and event for each hour grouping and define a new price-point for that range; effectively in the same manner you would do multi-day pricing as outlined by Ian here.

    Your 1 hour rental rule might then look like this:

    With a corresponding event similar to this:

    To set it up in the manner you mentioned in the original post, you might want to choose the "create new price" option on your event and combine it with "per-booking" pricing on the item, although you'd have to set the pricing for each available quantity of hours if you chose to go that route.  The "create new price" option does also work with the standard per-hour pricing, or alternatively you can just use the "dynamic" pricing in the event to automatically alter the hourly rate by a certain amount.  If you also use events for seasonal pricing with fixed points, you might opt for the dynamic pricing route to simplify things, but it does all depend on how you'd ideally like pricing to work for your business.

    Setting up events and rules can get complicated, so if you have trouble setting these up you can feel free to contact support for assistance 

  • Hi, based on my conversations with support, it is my understanding that Events cannot be used for hourly setups, has this been fixed?

  • Events can and often are used for hourly setups to create advanced business rules, where certain controlling rules make a determination on the event to apply to a booking -- however the labels on the rules (as in the first image above) may not always reflect the unit that'll be applied to the rule, particularly in mixed inventories.  

    The minimum duration, maximum duration, and cutoff rules will always apply hourly units on hourly items.

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