FEATURE REQUEST Events that work with an hourly setup.

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We need events to work with an hourly setup. Events are a core way to manage checkfront bookings, they need to work in the hourly configuration, not just day/evening. We can't block time off without creating fake bookings, which skew our reports badly.


  • Hi, events can be customized for an hourly setup through Checkfront's API, and it doesn't look like it can be done simply through the user interface. Could you further explain how you use events to manage your bookings?



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  • I need to be able to easily block off certain hours of the day without having to create dummy bookings for all of my rooms. say, we are closed 5/22, or we are closing early tonight, opening late tomorrow. 

    have a recurring block out every thursday from 6-12 in a specific room. that is booked and piad for outside of checkfront already.

  • Hi Battalion,

    I know you've written into support about this previously. Please send in more details about your hourly suggestions and specs. You're welcome to send them "Attn: Kris/Chris" as we're actively looking at improvements in this area and would welcome your direct input with our team.

    Checkfront Support Team
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