Ical feed options?

I just set up my Ical feed for my Google calendar



I would like the "where" field info changed to the "untitled event" so we do not have to click into each booking.



  • Likewise! +1
  • This is currently using the 'customer_name' field, which is one of the default booking fields, and commonly synced to payment gateways and other addons, so in most cases this will be the name of the person who made the booking, rather than "no title". Allowing configuration of this is a good idea though, and something we might look into for a future release.
  • It would also be nice if the "Where" field contained the address (which is what Google Calendar expects) instead of the first line item of the invoice which is useless in this field. I reported this bug several years ago and it still hasn't been fixed.
  • any news when the address can be shown in the "where" field...this would be VERY VERY useful to me please!!!!
  • Having the customer booking address in the where field (as it should be) will also allow my delivery people to sync the calendar with Waze so that it will notify them when they need to leave to be on time.
  • hello support...any updates on this please? Sureley there is a way around it......!!!
  • BrittanyBrittany Checkfront
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    Hi @benkitto,

    Thank you for checking in!

    The location used in the iCal sync will use the item 'Location' if one has been set on the item's Media page. This first requires that the option is enabled under Manage > Add-ons > Maps > Use maps for item locations. If no location is set, then it will use the item name.

    The location field is intended to show where the customer is staying, not where they are from.

    With that being said, I also would like to mention that we now integrate with Zapier. So should you have location display needs that differ from the standard syncing with iCal, you may be able to create a 'Zap' for new bookings or edits that send to Google Calendar with booking data added to your preferred Google Calendar fields.

    Please note that this would only be a solution for new bookings going forward. Zapier may not be a solution for syncing any existing bookings.

    If you'd like to explore Zapier as an alternative option, we have a help guide here.

    As always, please don't hesitate to reach us at support@checkfront.com if you run into any follow-up questions.

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