Notice to Businesses using Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail with Checkfront

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Due to recent changes Yahoo and AOL have made to their domain policies, it is no longer possible for businesses to reliably send mail on behalf of Yahoo and AOL email addresses.  Without going into too much detail, effectively the changes restricts Yahoo and AOL mail to being sent directly through their own mail servers, and tell the recipient mail services to reject the email if it is not sent through Yahoo or AOL.

For more details, see these blog posts:

What does this mean for my business if I use a Yahoo or AOL email address?

As of these policy changes, if you use a Yahoo or AOL mail address for your company email, or for any staff accounts that send notices to customers from personal emails, your notifications to customers may not be delivered.  This is a direct result of the changes, and was not announced in advance, so could not be anticipated to work around.

Is this permanent? What is being done about this?

Yahoo and AOL have since confirmed these policy changes, and it is unlikely they will be reverted.  Further, it is possible other free email providers may follow this change in the future, so if at all possible you should be sending business emails from a domain you control.

We are investigating options at Checkfront to allow you to use Yahoo and AOL personal email addresses through alternate means, but the changes they have made are beyond our control.  For continued delivery of your notifications at present, you should change your company email as detailed below.

How do I fix notifications for my business?

We strongly recommend that you use a domain name belonging to your business for all company email addresses.  This enables you to have control over how mail is sent with your domain, looks more professional, and makes your customer more comfortable knowing the email came from your business.

There are a number of free mail service providers that will allow you to use your business domain name with very little stress.  If you're unsure how to set up email for your domain, your web hosting provider should be able to assist you in this.

If you do not have a domain for your business, do not have access to it, or cannot register one, other free email accounts (such as gmail) currently still allow sending mail on your behalf.

  • To change the Company email where your notifications are delivered from, navigate to Manage / Setup and find the Email field when on the Company tab.
  • For Staff accounts, their individual emails can each by changed via their account profiles.  If these accounts are not used to send mail, it isn't necessary to change them away from or addresses, though it is still recommended if possible.


  • It seems like this is the movement among email providers to cut down on the amount of spam. Any plans for checkfront to include the ability to use services like mandrill / sendmail to help with transactional emails in both ensuring delivery and to cut down on spoofing of email addresses? Or at the very least being able to use custom SPF / DKIM settings to help ensure deliverability? 

  • Your notifications are actually being sent through Mandrill already as part of the service, although there isn't currently an interface to access the additional details that they provide on emails via the Checkfront dashboard.  

    If you check this Mandrill help page there is some information on setting your SPF / DKIM records so that they'll work with the system.

  • Thanks Kris that's good to know!

    Would be really helpful at least to know if emails entered are bouncing. The only way to find out is to go into each booking and see if there is an error message. When we have lots of bookings going on it's not realistic for us to go into each potential booking to make sure that their email is correct.

    Is there a way to get a notification either in the Checkfront interface or through the API that the email has bounced?
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