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Is it possible to include the facebook ads conversions code somewhere in checkfront?
The google adwords conversions do work great.
But i would also like to track my conversions for facebook ads.


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    We're getting more requests for this recently, and Kris our developer has suggested this to a few customers recently so I thought I'd share this solution for you here:

    “Custom Receipt URL” would be the ideal way to handle conversion tracking of this sort if you want the full functionality of the tracking including the pricing.

    However, in theory if you wanted to simply include it to track when the invoice is viewed after a payment is made (without including the value of the purchase), you could go into Manage > Layout > Booking Page and click the CSS Editor and add the following:

    #www-booking-conf #content > h1.ct {
    background: transparent url('https://www.facebook.com/offsite_event.php?id=123456789&value=0') no-repeat;

    Of course, you would need to make sure to replace the id "123456789" in the tracking URL with your own. The same could be done for tracking in other places if needed.

    Hope this helps,


    Checkfront Support Team

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