Different Contracts Based on Item Selections....

Hi there,

Was wondering if there was a way to have either different Terms and Conditions based on Item selection, or a way to have different booking forms based on Items selected? Example:

Two type of Rental Programs:

Customer wants to go for a plane ride. Contract A is needed.

Customer wants to go Sky Diving......Contract B is needed.

Items can be:

Plane Ride
Sky Diving

You can see how the booking details and terms and condition will vary. Can this be implemented in CF?

If not, I am sure there is a way to do it using a Word Press process, but trying to keep as much inside CF as possible.

Thanks in advance!


  • Aside from the RightSignature addon, there isn't currently a way to do this directly in the booking process -- although it is a feature request we're seriously looking into -- but I'm sure there are a couple workarounds that could be tried in the mean time, depending on how you want your customer to complete the form. A few thoughts, for example:

    - You could set the "Details" of an item to your contract terms (optionally using css overrides to hide this on your booking page), and create a new "Contract" notification including {$BOOKING_DETAILS} to be sent to your customer when their booking is ready. Admittedly however if you require the form to be filled this method would likely require your process to involve the customer printing and physically handing the contract to you, or else returning it to you in some other manner.
    - Similar to the that, you could set the "More info url" for an item, and direct the customer to a page on your site.
    - You could use a custom receipt url (under Manage > Ecommerce) to display a custom contract to complete on your site, optionally connecting to the API if more detailed information on a booking is required.
    - You could use our booking webhooks (http://api.checkfront.com/ref/notifications.html) to post to your secure server and construct a contract to relay to the customer.
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