No more transaction fees for Stripe and Soho

JasonJason CEOCheckfront
edited April 2015 in News and Updates

When we first released our Stripe Payment processing gateway we it included as a Premium Payment gateway available to our Pro and greater plans.  We also made it available to our Soho plan but included a 25 cent processing fee.  

We're happy to announce that as of version 3.0 we no longer collect this fee and Stripe is available to all accounts at no extra cost.

Stripe has quickly become one of our most popular gateways for big and small businesses. The ability to rebill customers, no monthly fee or rolling reserve and integrated Checkout makes it a great alternative to Paypal.

For more information see our Stripe Setup Guide.

Please note as with all other payment gateways, Stripe charges their own transaction fee (currently 30 cents USD).
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