Forcing the customer to pay?

In my developer site, I configured the option that says "Charge customer full amount at time of booking", however it is still possible for the customer to make a booking, and then close the payment window without paying. Is there any way to make it so that if they don't pay, the booking is automatically cancelled? My client is worried that a competitor might take up all his availability with fake unpaid bookings, or that his staff is going to have to spend time every morning making sure the day's bookings are paid and contacting customers who haven't paid. I already set up a notification email so if the booking is "Reserved" the customer gets a reminder email 24 hours prior, but he doesn't think that's good enough.


  • If a booking without payment doesn't trigger a status that locks the inventory there could be no way that someone could take up all the reservations without paying. There might be reservations that never fully convert because there is no payment, but it wouldn't take away from the total availability because it wouldn't "lock" the inventory with that particular status.

    Depending on the business you could setup daily reminders to complete payment. Having at least the customers info gives you a chance to convert them through automated followup emails opposed to not having their info at all. 

  • How do I make it so a booking without payment doesn't lock the inventory? As I said, I checked that "Charge customer full amount at time of booking", and I can make a booking, close the payment screen without paying, and nobody can book anything.

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    I had a similar issue, and Kris (CF developer) had a great fix for the problem.  He suggested I setup a "Minimum Booking Qty" rule for events.  This means a customer cannot complete a booking without selecting at least 1 Qty/ price and therefore require payment.

    I am not sure why it is even possible to make a booking without selecting a unit/qty/price point in checkfront.  I think CF works on the idea that you need to already setup a min per booking with your item/pricing, but in our scenario we do not have a set price that is required. Rather want to give the customer the choice to choose the price option they prefer.  But they need to choose (at least)1 option to request a booking.  

    I have also picked up an issue in v.3 with this "Min Booking Qty" work around advised by Kris (that currently is working fine for us in v2), and CF is currently checking how they can amend it to avoid showing "unavailable" if at least 1 Qty/price is not selected.

  • I'm not sure I get you. The person makes the booking, having chosen my entire inventory of rental boards, but when the payment screen comes up, they just close the tab. They have a qty - it's 6. Thier booking is now "Reserved" but not paid. Nobody else can book my boards until I manually go into the dashboard and void their reservation. What am I missing?

  • By default, when booking from the hosted reservation page where you require full payment at the time of booking, prior to making payment a customer booking would remain in the "Pre-booking" status; which will expire, will only lock inventory for 5 minutes, and is only seen in the activity log.  You can make a setup that allows reservations to be made by the customer without immediate payment, or that requires only partial payment, but this should be how it normally operates.

    Staff bookings -- or API bookings made on behalf of a staff member -- do not require immediate payment and will be set to your default status for new bookings.  This status would also be set if you do not have a payment gateway configured, or if there were no charges added to the order.

  • I'm using the API to make these bookings. Does the fact that they don't expire mean that I'm doing them as "API bookings made on behalf of a staff member"? If so, how can I make an API booking that isn't on behalf of a staff member? I think we looked at this before and there was a bug or limitation in the API that prevented me from doing that?
  • I've tried the 3.0 API with both the OAuth and the Token Auth with the same result - the reservation shows as "Reserved", and doesn't time out in any way.
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    If you set the account_id to 0 when creating the booking it will show-up as created by the customer.

    Have you tried setting the status of the booking to PRE when creating the booking? This is the Pre-booking status Kris is referring to.
  • There is no documented argument "account_id" to any API call. There is also no documented way to set the status when creating a booking.
  • The is no documented way to set either account_id or booking status in the API.
  • Also your web forum sucks - when I click "post comment" my comment disappears completely, with no indication if it posted or not.
  • Oh wait, never mind, found the account_id argument. Sorry.
  • YES!!! That did it. Thanks very much for your patience with me. This has been a frustrating but rewarding experience, not least because I'm learning all sorts of technologies I've never dealt with before.
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    Good to hear. I also posted another example in your v3 API thread.

    And we're aware of the current issues with the forum not showing the reply till you refresh. Should have it sorted soon.
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