Allow customers to edit their booking

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Since Checkfront has eliminated 80% of my administrative work, I wonder if it might go another 10% and allow customers to adjust or edit their own bookings within certain parameters.


Allowing a customer to outright cancel a booking minus a flat fee or percentage depending on number of days out.

Adding or removing items from a booking (ideally following similar time constraints as a cancellation).

Adjusting fields on an existing reservation (update phone number, change the number of people, etc.) up to 1 day in advance


  • Would be great to give them a way to update their personal address or shipping address.

  • loving the "customer zone" idea, where customer can "correct, change or edit" some aspects of their booking details.

    Some other booking sites  (eg. Bookeo) have a very basic "view/change booking" option and looks like it works very well.

    Our tours include free hotel pickup service, and we always struggle to get the full address details with the initial booking, as customers tend to book far in advance (not knowing where they will overnight locally yet on the day of the booking).  Will be great if they can edit / update it themselves later. I agree that there should be limits and cut-off dates to avoid information to be changed last minute.

    This in mind, will be great if customers can do online "check-in" to confirm their booking a day or two before the event/tour.  Then they can change / edit to the most updated information/ contact details, etc. online.  

  • There are options for customers to self-cancel. Please write to support directly for this information.

    Checkfront Support Team
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