API checking availability

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In my plugin, I made an equivalent of the availability calendar to show the availability of each item for a given month. I got the availability by calling item/$item_id with the start_date and end_date set to the beginning and end dates of the calendar I'm displaying. That worked great. However, I ran into a problem when I tried it with an item that had the maximum booking length set to 1 day - that call would only return one day - the last day of the date range. I tried making 30+ individual calls, one for each day, but that's INCREDIBLY slow. Is there a way I can get the availability of a large range of days for items that are set to have a maximum booking length in one call?


  • If you specify rules=off in your item call, it should completely bypass any rules that would normally apply to the item.  You can also play around with using 'soft' rule checking for different cases.

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