request for multi level category organization ie sub-categories

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Perhaps this has been requested in the past, but there are times when we could use multi-level categories.  For example, a Category for Widgets could be set up, then within that category could be sub-categories of Small Widgets, Medium Widgets and Large Widgets




  • This would be very handy for my business.

  • Yes!! This would be great!
  • Hi @G2Alliance, @Ostii, and @sel166,

    The user interface itself is somewhat limited in functionality for those who need options such as the ones you mention. You might consider going through checkfront's API, through which multi-level categories could be created. This is something I would be glad to help you with and tell you more about.

    If you have any questions, definitely don't hesitate to shoot me an email!

  • I agree, this would be great to have.
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