Checkfront v3.0 rollout schedule - March Update

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Hi all,

We are getting ready for our v3.0 rollout set to begin in the next few weeks.  Version 3.0 includes:

- Gift Certificates & Rain-checks.

- Batch printing and improved status updates.

- New event triggers to help with complex pricing and availability. 

- Better language and translation support. 

- New reports and export options. 

- Performance improvements for large inventories.

- UI enhancements. 

- New API / Developer updates.

- Over 30 other updates and fixes.

This will be a phased rollout and all customers won’t be upgraded at once.  Trial and developer accounts will be updated first.  We’ll give the option of moving other accounts over early over on a per account bases.

There will be several scheduled maintenance windows posted on and we’ll also update this thread.

You can find the location of your node by logging into your account and going to Manage / System.  No new software will be rolled out at this time, however we will be transitioning these customers to a new node.  During the move you will be unable to take bookings or login to your admin for a short period.  Although the maintenance window will remain open for 90 minutes, individual accounts should re-appear shortly after being moved.  We aim to minimize downtime as much as possible.

We’ll begin rolling out version 3.0 later the next week and will follow up with a full release schedule as we get closer. Should this timeline change we'll update here.

Stay tuned.


UPDATE: Feb 10 2014 - We'll be rolling out v3.0 to our trial and developer accounts this week.  Additional nodes will follow.

UPDATE: Feb 17 2014 - Checkfront v3.0 is available to new trail accounts.  Developer and member accounts will follow soon, we're just finishing some testing on converting over existing data to the new version.  If you want to move over right away, you can open a ticket to support and ask for the move, but we're not far off.  

Update: March 6th: us-central1 and uk3 completed.

Update: March 10th: us-east2 v2 update completed.

Update: March 18th: aisa1 update completed.

Update: March 21th: uk2 update completed.

Update: March 25th: us-east1 update completed.

Update: April 3rd: us-west1 completed.

Update: April 6th: us-west2 scheduled.

A full list of v3.0 updates is available on

* Note on Gift Certificates: Gift certificates were initially part of our v3.0 roadmap however we have since pushed this forward a release while we re-evaluate how payments are applied to vouchers / giftcerts, and how these impact existing revenue reports.  We don't have a firm timeline on gift certificates but we are aiming for early in April or sooner.

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