API doesn't handle multiple tax sources well

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I have two tax amounts on my account, one for state sales tax and one for county tax. However, when I query the inventory through the API, it returns only one total tax. Fortunately my situation is pretty simple (all sales are one amount for the state and a different amount for the county), but it would be nice if the API took care of that for me and returned the tax amounts separately. Keep the [tax_total] for backwards compatibility, and return an array of the individual amounts, perhaps.

This is what the API returns:
            [summary] => Array
                    [sub_total] => 1380.00
                    [tax_total] => 82.80
                    [discount] => 0
                    [total] => 1462.80
                    [start_date] => 20140115
                    [end_date] => 20140121

But the droplet shows both taxes separately:


  • If you make a call to the booking journal for an existing booking, it should return the taxes added to a booking under [taxes] with the names and totals of each tax.  But yeah, it would probably be useful to have them returned in the summary.
  • Just to be clear, I'm talking about the return I get when I create a session with 
    $Checkfront->post('booking/session', array('slip'=>$slips)).
    I guess I didn't mention that above but you probably figured it out.
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