Duration of inventory items

Is there a way to set inventory items as available only for a specific week? Say if I have one tour that runs one week, a different tour that runs the next week. Can this be done without having to set up an individual rate for each week?


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    Yes, just set your inventory status to Unavailable. Then create a rate for the date you want with the status of available and use the base price.
  • Thanks Brian, but I was wondering if there way a way to do it without having to do that. If there are 20 weekly tours in the inventory, kind of a pain to set up 20 individual rates.
  • Oh I see, thought a reoccurring rate would do it for you.

    Checkfront works really well if you have a static inventory. Ie, for tours, 12 tours that happen say every tues - sunday may to October (that's how we use it). But if you have a lot of "one-off" events, it's probably not the best solution. Perhaps a feature request.
  • Right, that's kinda what we're trying to do but it's a little complicated. There'll be like 20 tours that run weekly thru the summer, but each goes from Mon - Sun, and only has room for 8 spots. The way I've tried to set it up (based on your comments and other posts) doesn't seem to work the way it should, so either I'm doing it wrong or have run into a bug. Regardless, thanks for your help Brian, I really appreciate it!
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Hi Ryan, please create a support ticket so we can have a look at your inventory setup.
  • Hi Jason,

    a related question to this, is it possible to only allow bookings from a certain date, example: i would only offer certain packages from june/ july/ august/ september 2011. But the clients could book now for next year. How could you set up your inventory to be available only certain days of the year.

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