Paypal integration requires paypal account

I'm using paypal standard and have configured it for express checkout and direct payment according to the directions here:

However, when a user clicks the checkout with paypal button, they are prompted to "Create a PayPal Account or Log In," it's not possible to checkout without using a paypal account. However, the paypal website advertises "Buyers don't even need a PayPal account" (

This has been problematic for several of my customers, who don't realize they have a paypal account with that email address or don't remember the password.

I would like my customers to be able to enter their credit card information without worrying about the paypal account, which is supported in paypal website payments standard. Can checkfront do this?


  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    edited August 2010
    Please make sure you have a paypal Premiere or Business accounts (free).

    You should be able to take advantage of the paypal account optional feature. More information is available from Paypal here:

    You may also want to check the payment page in a different browser than you normally use (or clear your cookies). If Paypal detects you have already logged into Paypal before, you'll only see the login option.

    We'll be integrating Google Checkout soon, but that also is a hosted payment page. For more control of the Payment process (and your funds), consider Paypal pro, or Versapay.
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Please make sure you have the Paypal Account Option feature turned on in your Paypal account.

    This is under: Profile / Website Payment Preferences / Account Optional (see attached)
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