Credit Card fee

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would be great to have an option to add Credit Cards fees for different types of cards.
2.5% extra charge for Visa
3% extra charge for Amex.
Adding the fee to the TAX field is not a viable option.



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    I agree - should be within Stripe or done via Checkfront
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    Thank you for the feedback. I will had this to our Feature Requests for review on future releases
  • Problem - the customer should be able to select whether they want to pay the deposit or the full amount. It would be great for the customer to be able to select deposit or full amount. We also have a problem when they want to transfer the money and not included the credit card fees that we put into the taxes. So if a customer wants to pay via bank transfer we have to go into the order and edit it so the credit fee transaction has been taken off, quite a lot of double handling for a simple task...
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    Hi mezcalbean,

    I also pasted this in the other thread that you commented in.
    I see that your request for the credit card fees to have more flexibility was sent to the development team, it was actually included with an ongoing ticket from other customers who made a similar feature request. The development team is actively looking at introducing new features into the booking system so this type of feedback is great.
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    I basically have 2 problems - apply the credit card fee, stripe have the functionality to do that already small but of code.. but its when customers pay we can't charge them the credit fee if they pay via bank transfer...

    also another problem if the customer wants to pay in full - they have to pay twice, once for the deposit then the remainder...

  • Hello Mezcalbean

    Thanks for the continued feedback! Our development team will take your comments into consideration when looking at ways to improve these features in the future.

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