Need different "workflow" for different delivery types

I'm setting up an equipment rental site (details under NDA, I'm afraid). The items being rented can either be picked up or delivered. If you want to pick it up, you can book items for today or later, but if you want it to be delivered,  you can only book items for tomorrow or later. Also, I want different notification emails for each - basically in the case of the delivery, I want to point them to a website where they need to verify some information, and I can't confirm the reservation until they've verified it.

Is this possible, and how would you accomplish it?

Another similar thing is that rentals are for 24 hours, but I've got a set of morning pickups and deliveries, and a set of afternoon pickups and deliveries, so basically if you book something for a single day for an afternoon pickup or delivery, I can't book it back out for the next day's morning pickups - as a matter of fact, I might not be able to book it out for the next days afternoon pickup or delivery because you might not return it until late afternoon. So basically I'm thinking that bookings should almost be parcelled out in half day chunks, and when you book something for X days you get X*2 half day chunks and then there is a hidden extra half day chunk where it can't be reserved again. (So in this example, you book it this afternoon and tomorrow morning, and it's not available for tomorrow afternoon either.) Is this do-able?


  • Hi @ptomblin,

    Checkfront currently doesn't support booking procedures of this breed within the UI. It is possible to program your workflow within the API, however, and I'd be happy to talk with you about this in greater detail.


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